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Adding Images to Storage
Adding Images to Storage

Upload images directly to Format Image Storage or import from existing pages within your website

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Accessing Storage

  1. From the left sidebar click 'Storage'

If you are on a Basic plan, you will be encouraged to upgrade to a higher tier plan to allow access to this feature.

The individual file size limit is currently 100MB per image, see our guide for supported file types here

Storage Overview

  1. Storage indicator showing amount used and available

  2. Click 'All Stored Images' to see (currently none in Storage)

  3. Folders '+ New'. Images must be saved into Folders (only one level deep, no-nesting)

  4. Click the > to left to open dropdown and select from available pages

  5. Hover over 'Portfolio Images' or 'Workflow Images' to see image count on right

  6. 'Upload Images'

Portfolio images

  1. Expanded v dropdown for 'Portfolio Images'

  2. Gallery Pages listed first with Custom Pages lower down

  3. Page Sort selector

  4. 'Workflow Images' currently closed

Workflow images

  1. Expanded 'Workflow Images'

  2. File Transfers

  3. Client Galleries

  4. Selected image(s) checkbox bottom-left corner

  5. Download images as ZIP file (see separate download article here)

  6. 'Copy To'

Import images to Storage from existing Format pages

  1. Create '+ New' Folder from left sidebar or

  2. Click 'Upload Images' and

  3. Select Destination (if Folders exist) or

  4. Click 'Create New Folder'

Add New Folder

  1. From '+ New' or 'Create New Folder' options above

  2. Set name for folder

  3. Click 'Add Folder' (you can rename/delete later)

Rename or Delete Folder

  1. Hover image count so that '…' appear

  2. Rename Folder

  3. Delete Folder

Deleting Folder with images stored – Warning

  1. Folder name selected to Delete

  2. If your Folder has images inside, all content (images) will be permanently deleted, along with the folder. Please read carefully before clicking 'Confirm'

Import from Format

  1. Upload new images directly from your device, see our guide for supported file types here

  2. Import from Format (existing Portfolio or Workflow areas)

  3. Import from Dropbox

Select Page to import from

  1. Select which Page to import from list (scroll down to see more)

  1. Selected images show with green overlay and tick

  2. 'Select All' images

  3. 'Clear' un-select images

  4. View thumbnails as 'List' or 'Grid'

  5. 'Import XX Images' (where XX shows the number of images to be imported).

  1. 'List' view accessed

  2. Allows the full image filename to be read easily

  3. 'Import XX Images'

All Stored Images

  1. All Stored Images number count

  2. Folders (only one level deep)

  3. Images selected, tap to deselect, or Select All

  4. Order by 'File Size' currently

Move To

  1. Images selected

  2. 'Move To' Folder

  3. 'Create New Folder' or select existing Folder

Copy To

  1. Images selected

  2. 'Copy To'

  3. 'Create New Folder' or select existing Folder

Delete Stored Images

  1. Images to delete selected, tap 'Delete'

  2. Warning appears to say XX images will be deleted (this is only from Storage, does not affect any copies of the same images in your Portfolio or Workflow areas 'Confirm' to Delete (they can not be recovered)

Order by

  1. Order by, click dropdown to access

  2. Options include Date Uploaded, Captured Date, File Name and File Size

  3. Sort order Ascending or Descending

View Images

  1. Click any image thumbnail to enlarge

  1. Full filename displayed

  2. Download image

  3. Display Image Information

  4. Delete image

  5. Image Information includes filename, image resolution and file size

  6. Back to Folder

Please see our article on what you can store here.

Reach us online at our live chat or via our email if you have any more questions. We’re happy to help!

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