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Creating Listings on Format Prints Marketplace
Creating Listings on Format Prints Marketplace

Upload images directly to Format Prints Marketplace, select which Products you want to sell and set your prices

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Video overview

First time viewing Format Prints Marketplace

  1. You must connect your Stripe account before you can sell products. Click 'Connect with Stripe'

  2. Or, click 'I'll do this later'

Create your first Listing

  1. Click 'Listings' from left sidebar

  2. Click 'Connect with Stripe'. Your Listings are not available to buyers until your Stripe account is connected to start selling. If Stripe is not available in your country it will not be possible to use the Format Prints Marketplace feature.

Upload a high resolution image

  1. Click 'Upload Image' or drag and drop an image here.

  2. JPG or PNG images (transparent PNGs acceptable for apparel printing), 100MB maximum image size RGB Color, 300ppi. See our image guide here

  1. Image preview

  2. Image filename

  3. Upload progress indicator (started)

Image Confirmation

  1. Image preview

  2. Image filename

  3. Dimensions (warning indicator)

  4. Click '?' for a tool-tip warning Image can be printed on some products. But not all because the image pixel dimensions are not large enough to print on some of the product sizes available

  5. Image size in MB (megabytes)

  6. Click 'Replace Image' (with a higher pixel resolution file) or

  7. Click 'Continue to Details And Products'

Image Dimensions too large

If your image dimensions are too large, you may experience an issue when uploading your image to create a Listing. If the image thumbnail shows as missing, you will need to reduce the width and height dimensions closer to our image preparation guide.

  1. Image Preview missing

  2. Dimensions of image too large

  3. Re-save image closer to dimensions in our guide and Replace Image

Add Details and Products

  1. Title

  2. Description

  3. Keywords (optional)

  4. Products available (limited to fourteen (14))

  5. Product Enabled (on by default) so it can be purchased

  6. Product Disabled (click to expand) and access sizes

Add Product Details

  1. Click to expand and read description of the Product

  2. Either leave this enabled (on) or disable (off) not available for purchase

  3. Sizes greyed out or with warning in left column not available for purchase

  4. Checkbox ticked for the Size image that your uploaded image file will work with to provide the best quality print

  5. Set your price (default markup is 100%)

  6. Warning and greyed out (not available) due to image pixel dimensions being too low to produce a quality print

  7. Scroll down to see all the Products and to enable or disable

Disabled Products

  1. Disabled Product

  2. All options greyed out, not available for editing until (1) enabled

Ready to Publish

  1. Disabled Products appear greyed out

  2. You may only want to sell on a limited range of Products (disable) those you don't want to print

  3. The default markup is set to 100%. You can adjust the markup of each product by setting a Listed Price. The markup will change once you customise the product price, as it reflects the difference between the price of the product and that product’s production cost. The markup amount is the subtotal amount a customer pays for a product. Markup and pricing information. Learn more about cost calculations here

  4. Checkbox 'Make this listing private?' Private listings won't appear on your Listings page or in the Format Prints Marketplace

  5. Click 'Publish Listing' when ready

Listings Panel

  1. Listings Panel

  2. Notification that new Listing has been published

  3. Image thumbnail

  4. Edit, Duplicate or Delete

  5. Click 'View Listings'

Live Prints Marketplace

  1. Unique URL for your Format Prints Marketplace area, See Add a link to your Prints Marketplace page

  2. Your Display Name

  3. Products (categories) selector

  4. Click the Listing to view

Listing Details

  1. Paper Type (if only one available, dropdown will not change)

  2. Print Size dropdown

  3. 'Add to Cart'

  4. Your image description

  5. Scroll down for more Image Information

  1. Scroll down for more Image Info includes Sizes (not all these will be available for your Listing, or you may have disabled), Materials, Packaging, Production Time, Est. Domestic Arrival and Est. International Arrival

  2. Clicking a 'Keyword' will show similarly tagged listings (can be anyones)

  3. See all your Listings

Reach us online at our live chat or via our email if you have any more questions. We’re happy to help!

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