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Add a link to your Prints Marketplace page
Add a link to your Prints Marketplace page

Make it easy to share your Prints Marketplace page

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Update Profile information

  1. From Format Prints Marketplace sidebar, click 'Profile'

  2. Display Name

  3. Username is what will appear in the URL address bar for displaying your Prints

  4. Format Portfolio URL (include the full URL)

  5. 'View Listings' to see your individual Prints Marketplace page

Live Prints Marketplace page

  1. Select all the URL in the top browser address bar

  2. Your 'Display Name', clicking this link will show your listing

  3. Products (categories) selector

  4. Click the Listing to view

  5. Visit Format Portfolio website

Add External Link

  1. Return to 'Format Dashboard', click 'Pages'

  2. Click 'Create'

  3. Click 'External Link'

  1. Title that will appear in Site Menu

  2. URL, paste the URL here

  3. Your 'Username'

  4. Behaviour 'On' will open in a new window

  5. Click 'Done'

Position in Site Menu

  1. Hover left of the Title, drag up/down to change position in Site Menu

View live Portfolio site

  1. External Link as it appears in Site Menu, tap to view

Your Prints Marketplace page

This is how it will appear for viewers and those wanting to buy your work.

There is no ability to change the design or layout of how the Format Prints Marketplace appears.

Still have questions? Reach us on our live chat or email us at We’re here to help!

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