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Prints Marketplace Overview
Prints Marketplace Overview

What the Format Prints Marketplace allows you to sell and how it works.

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How does it work?

With the Format Prints Marketplace, you can easily sell your work without worrying about inventory or shipping and is available on Pro & Pro Plus subscriptions. See more details about our plans here.

You upload your images, choose what you want to sell, set your price and submit to the Marketplace which is personally curated and, if approved, your listing/s will appear for sale in our Marketplace here, where anyone around the world can purchase your work. We handle all of the marketing and sales, meaning we do the hard work for you.

The type of images that work (sell) best here include animals, nature, places and people, and include photography, painting and illustrations.

It is not set up for event-style photography, limited editions on specialty papers, or having a large number of similar images for sale.

Even if your work is not selected for a feature on our Marketplace, you are still able to sell as many products as you want through your own Prints Page and this can be linked to from your Format website. See our Add a link to your Prints Marketplace guide.

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What’s the difference between Format Prints Marketplace and the Format Store feature?

The Format Prints Marketplace is a curated collection of photos and artwork that is actively promoted by Format. We handle all of the marketing and sales, meaning we do the hard work for you. Customers from around the world can browse and purchase your work, helping you to earn passive income, while you focus on your photography.

The Marketplace allows you to sell your work on a variety of items like prints, hoodies, canvases and we take care of warehousing, production, and logistics. See our available products and sizes here.

You set the price you want the item to sell for and you receive a commision on every sale made. See our Format Prints Marketplace commission, and how we calculate guide. Payouts are only able to be made to Stripe accounts. View our How do I get paid for my sales on Prints Marketplace? guide here.

The Format Store feature allows you to list any products for sale. You can sell Digital Downloads, Services or Physical Products that you fulfil yourself so you have more flexibility on what can be sold.

Payment is made directly to your PayPal Business Account and there is no commission or fees payable to Format. PayPal does charge their standard transaction fee.

For more help articles and information on the Format Store please see this collection of guides.

Still have questions? Reach us on our live chat or email us at We’re here to help!

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