The Design Editor allows you to customize your website's appearance. You can personalize by changing your Themes, Website Title and Logo, Colors, Typography, Social Sharing and accessing the Code Editor.

You can view these changes in the Preview pane and when saved, these are applied to your live site immediately.

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How to access the Design Editor

accessing the Design Editor from the dashboard sidebar

From your Dashboard's left Sidebar tap 'Design Editor'.

What does each section do?

Hovering a section within the Design Editor panel will show a tooltip and link you to the correct section.

Hovering a section heading will display a brief overview of what it does.


You can define the overall look of your online portfolio, select from Horizontal, Fullscreen, Slideshow, Tiled or Vertical themes. View guide

Website Title and Logo

Set your name or business logo graphic and site icon (favicon). View guide


Customize every color on your website. View guide


Choose fonts and set type sizes and styles. View guide

Social Sharing

Make it easy to share your work and link to your social network profiles

Code Editor

Upload assets and modify your website's CSS and HTML (HTML editing on Pro level plans and above). View guide

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