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How to use Slideshows for Store Categories
How to use Slideshows for Store Categories

Slideshow modules (available on all plans) can be used to create pseudo Store ‘Categories’

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0:00 Hi! My name is Dora, I'm a Format expert and this video is to show you how to set up categories for your Store Products using premium Slideshows.

0:11 If your Portfolio subscription is under a Pro Plus or Premium (Professional) plan, you can add premium slideshows to your site (now available for all plans).

0:19 In order to achieve this, you will need to go to the Pages editor located here in the left side toolbar, after which you can top the 'Create +' button, add a Custom Page, you notice to add store categories via slideshows.

0:35 Once you click on add custom page, the page will be created and will be directed to its editor. In the editor, you'll see to options appearing.

0:46 One option is to use a Custom Page Template and the other one is to start from scratch by adding image, media or text section to the custom page.

0:57 You will need to click on add section over here. Then go to images and when you scroll further down the page, you will see the three slideshow modules that we offer.

1:10 The one that you choose depends on your design preference. I will choose the full width one for my site. Once back within the Pages editor, you will see the option to Add Slides.

1:23 You can add up to 10 slides within a slideshow. Back in the slide, you will see a box generated over here where you can add a cover image for your slide or for your store product in this case, a title for the store product, a description if you want to add this as well, as well as the option to link

1:45 the slide to your particular store product. So let's get started with creating the store product linked over here. I will click add image and I will choose to import the cover image for my store product from my already existing format pages.

2:03 So I'll click import from format and then I'll scroll further down the page, go to store and click on an image within my store.

2:14 I'll give my product a title. I will skip the short description but you can add this if you want and then I'll click on link to.

2:27 Once you click on the 'Link to' button over here, you will see this pop up window appearing where you can see three options to link your store product.

2:35 You can link it to an already an external page. What you can do is go directly to your online store and then click on a product.

2:48 Then copy paste the URL and paste it over here and then create a product like that or you can go to the page over here.

3:02 Tap on choose the page and from the drop down menu over here, you will see the option to add store products as your links.

3:13 So I'll click on print which is the link to the specific product that I want to create and tap on create.

3:21 And Save Changes. The link has been created now for my print product. You can add up to 10 slides on a slideshow and you can add as many slideshows to categorize your store products as you want.

3:37 So for example, say I wanted to add a category called 'Print'. What I'll also do is add a title for my category by clicking the add section button over there, then text.

3:49 And adding this piece of header text to my custom page. I'll remove the pre-filled text and add 'Prints' as my category title.

4:01 I can then add another section titled say 'Headshot Sessions'. For which I will add another slideshow. Again, I will choose the same slideshow module.

4:24 And I will follow the same process. I'll click on add slide. Add image to add a cover image for my product.

4:31 Import from Format. I'll go to Store. Add another image from my Store. Add a title. And add a link to my Product.

4:54 Again, I will go to the page as this is the simplest option. Click on choose a page. Scroll further down the page.

5:02 And add my Product, a Headshots Session. Tap create. You can continue adding both titles by clicking on add a section.

5:12 Then go to text. As well as light shows to your draw category page. Once you've completed this process, you can tap Save Changes.

5:23 Then go back to the Pages editor. And what you want to do in the Pages editor because you've now added your Store Products to the shop page.

5:37 Is to remove the Store page from your site menu so as not to duplicate information. You can remove it by either clicking, dragging and dropping the page in the 'Not in Menu' section.

5:50 Or you can click the more options menu over here. And tap remove from menu. You will see your menu updating on the live site over here as well.

6:05 So you will now have your store product present within the Shop page over here. Which is the custom page that I've just created with categories.

6:15 So you can click view site. And then when you go to the shop, which is the custom page I've just created with the slideshows.

6:27 You will see the slideshows and the links to my specific products. If you scroll further down the page, you'll be able to see the Product that I've added.

6:37 Does I want to view the product print? I will click on the see more button over here. And then I'll be redirected to the page with my print product.

6:51 Custom pages are also very versatile. And you also have a one-to-one design editor for the slideshows. So you can customize for the slide shows as well as the typography settings within the active page.

7:04 I hope this has been helpful to you. If you have any further questions, please do feel free to reach out to us via chat.

7:10 The chat icon is located here in the lower right-hand side corner of your screen. Or via email at and we'd be more than happy to help you.

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