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Workflow Inbox for managing your Messages, Mailing List and Contact List
Workflow Inbox for managing your Messages, Mailing List and Contact List

View messages sent to you through the Contact Form or Popup templates and easily add and manage your Mailing List and Contacts List

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Workflow Inbox

  1. Click 'Workflow' in the left sidebar

  2. Click 'Inbox'

  3. Messages sent from the Contact Form/s on your Portfolio site will appear here

  4. Mailing List subscribers will be added here (requires Portfolio Pro Plus or higher)

  5. Contact List

Contact Form Send Message

Using one of our Contact Form templates in your Portfolio site will allow your prospective clients/customers to send you a message which will appear in your Workflow Inbox (as well as in your email application)

The Workflow Inbox makes it quicker to view and manage messages and Contacts.

  1. Name

  2. Email address

  3. Message

  4. Send Message

New Messages in Inbox

When a new message has been received, and has not been seen or read yet, a red dot/circular indicator will appear next to the 'Workflow' link in your left sidebar

  1. Workflow red dot indicator new messages waiting to be read

  1. Click 'Inbox' red dot indicator new messages waiting to be read

  2. Click 'Messages' panel to view

  3. Message Preview with border show will appear in full (4)

  4. Full Message displayed here

  5. Add to Contacts

  6. Date and Time

  7. Click 'ellipse icon' for options 'Mark as Unread', 'Report Spam' and 'Delete Message'

  8. Message Content

  9. View this message in Gmail (for those using Gmail or Google Workspace to manage their email)

  10. Another message unread (blue dot)

Viewing in Gmail

The Contact Form message will be sent to your email address and you can view in your favorite email application. For those using Gmail or Google Workspace services, you can go directly to the message using the link at (9) above.

You need to use an email application to reply to the Contact Form message, it can not be replied to from within the Workflow Inbox

Unable to find emails?

If you do not see the message in your email application, please check that it hasn't gone into a Junk or Spam folder. Search on our sending email address of

  1. New Messages appearing in list view.

  1. New Message from… displaying the senders email address

  2. The reply email address is if you need to set a mailbox rule to ensure this does not go to your Junk/Spam/Trash folder/directory

  3. Shows which Format Portfolio site and Contact Form was used

  4. Click to view directly in Workflow Inbox

  5. From Location (name of the page within your Portfolio site)

  6. Senders Name

  7. Senders Email Address

  8. Message

  9. If this message is spam or other unwanted email you can Report it here

Add to Contacts

To retain the details in your Workflow Clients area you can easily add here and assign to a Client

  1. Click 'Add to Contacts'

  1. Go through the fields and add the known information

  2. Add to New Client

  3. Use existing client instead

  4. Click 'Add Contact'

View Contact List

  1. Click 'Inbox' from left sidebar

  2. Click 'Contact List'

  3. Row with new Contacts details shown

  4. 'Edit' or Delete

Message Options

  1. Click checkbox to select one or more Messages in the

  2. Shows number of messages selected

  3. Report as Spam

  4. Delete Message (does not delete from your email application)

  5. Edit Contact (recognises when you have a Contact already added to your Contact List)

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