The Popup feature is available on Portfolio Pro Plus or Professional Bundle plans.

Access Popup Feature

  1. Under 'Portfolio' tap 'Dashboard'

  2. Tap 'Marketing'

  1. Select 'Popup'

  2. Toggle between 'Settings' and 'Design' options

  3. Pop-up Style options are 'Message' or 'Mailing List'

  4. Change 'Status'

  5. Heading

  6. Text

  7. Button Text

  8. Button Link

  9. In-app preview shows how your Popup will appear on the live site.

Popup Message Style

  1. Pop-up Style use dropdown to select between:

  2. 'Message' to share important information with visitors to your site, or

  3. 'Mailing List' to collect email addresses to add to your Mailing List subscriber in Workflow Inbox

  4. Preview

Popup Mailing List Style

  1. Pop-up Style set to 'Mailing List'

  2. Heading

  3. Text

  4. Input Placeholder

  5. Button Text

  6. Text word count displayed for each field (keep short if possible)

  7. In-app Preview

  8. Always 'Save Changes'

Popup Design Options

  1. Select 'Design' panel

  2. Typography options

  3. Color options

  4. Other options

  5. In-app preview

  6. Save Changes

View Popup on Live Site

  1. Mailing List Popup, appears center of browser with field for email address

  2. Sign-up button

  3. 'X' close button

If the Popup is closed (X), and no action is taken, the Popup will not be displayed to the same viewer as they visit other pages of the site. This would only re-appear if they returned to view the site from a new web browser, or in 24 hours time (after first viewing).

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