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Introducing Formats’ Portfolio Tools
Introducing Formats’ Portfolio Tools

Video overview on how the Portfolio product works to create your new portfolio site

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Video transcript

Welcome to Format, the website platform designed for creatives.

Use the sidebar to find all of the parts of your site, organized in one place. These tools allow you to compose and edit your site. The pages tab is where you create the pages of your site- like galleries, custom pages and collections.


Use galleries to display your visual work. Galleries are designed to present your images in a stunning way that works across all devices.


You can use Custom pages to show off resumes, case studies, services and contact information. Flexible custom pages can include text, images, forms, media as well as integrated tools like slideshows and mailing lists.


Connect a group of galleries and custom pages to present your projects together in a collection page. Each theme displays your collection in a unique layout, seamlessly connecting your pages with a visual navigation.

At any time you can click the view site button to see your live website in your browser. When you are ready to save your page you can add it to your site menu so visitors to your page can find it easily.

In your pages section you can add, remove and edit your site menu and set your website’s homepage.


The design tab is where you can edit your website’s theme, which determines the overall look and layout of your portfolio. You can freely change your site’s theme and design settings here without worrying about losing any content. Within Format all of your content moves seamlessly from one theme to another

You can also use the key colour and text styles to modify the look of your site. Then, you can fine tune your customizations in the advanced tab.


The storage tab allows you to store high-res image files.

And if you ever need help, our Customer Experience team is available for you 24/7.

Thanks for using Format.

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