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Introduction to the Design Editor
Introduction to the Design Editor

Video introduction to the Design area of the Portfolio Product showing how easy it is to select a theme and change design options quickly.

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Video transcript

The theme tab allows you to toggle between different site themes. Your theme will determine the layout of your gallery pages, collection pages and site menu. Once you have selected a theme, click on the advanced tab to further customize your layout with the theme variables, such as your site menu orientation, spacing between your gallery elements, and more.

The advanced tab for your theme also allows you to customize the design of your Format store, Client galleries and set the padding for your custom pages.

While customizing your layout, you can toggle between editor view, mobile view and full screen view to see how your theme will appear on different screens and devices. All of Format’s themes are auto-responsive to adjust for different devices for the best viewing experience.

Website title and logo allows you to customize your text logo, or upload an image logo of your choice.

Under the colour and typography tabs you can adjust the overall colour and type settings for your website. Toggle to the advanced tab to see your site broken down into sections. Here, you will be able to customize specific areas of your site.

When working in the editor, click on the headings for a section to open all of the design variables for that section. You can also right click on elements from your editor preview to get quick links to the parts of your site you would like to adjust.

Social Sharing allows you to quickly connect popular social media accounts to your Format Website.

If you ever need help, our Customer Experience team is available for you 24/7 to help.

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