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Claiming your website with Pinterest
Claiming your website with Pinterest

This may allow the Pinterest 'Save' button appear over images in your website. Not all themes appear to support this.

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Pinterest Settings

  1. From your Pinterest account click the dropdown in top-right corner once logged in

  2. Click 'Settings'

  3. From left sidebar click 'Claimed accounts'

  4. Next to Websites, click 'Claim'

Choose how you want to claim

  1. Add HTML tag is the simplest way

  2. Add TXT record (to your custom domain name DNS Records)

Using the TXT record will require you accessing your domain registrars control panel and adding a verification record to the DNS zone, if your custom domain name was provided by Format, our team can add this for you.

First Option: Add HTML tag

  1. Hover the code and 'Click to copy'

  2. Click 'Continue'

Toggle your browser window to your Format Account

Site Settings

  1. From lower-left sidebar click 'Settings'

  2. Click 'Site'

  3. Scroll down

  4. Stop at Custom <head> include area

  5. Read Warning about adding code and click 'Continue Anyway'

Paste in HTML Tag

  1. Custom <head> Include

  2. Paste in the HTML tag

  3. 'Save Changes'

You will also need to add the following JavaScript snippet, this ensures that the Pinterest 'Save' button appears over the top-left corner of images in your site.

Copy and Paste the following code to the same Custom <head> Include field

<script type="text/javascript" async data-pin-color="red" data-pin-height="28" data-pin-hover="true" src="//"></script>

Your field should look similar to screenshot below:

  1. Unique Pinterest Verification code

  2. Generic JavaScript code for displaying the 'Save' button

Toggle browser to the Pinterest window

  1. Enter your website URL (include www )

  2. Click 'Verify'


  1. Your domain name should show here as being connected

  2. Click 'Done'

Second Option: Add TXT record

  1. Click to copy

  2. 'Continue'

You will now need to either log into your domain registrar for the next steps, or, if your custom domain name is provided by Format, start an in-app chat message with our team and paste in this snippet and send to us requesting that this be added to your DNS records and tell us your exact custom domain name (i.e. )

Add TXT record to DNS zone

This step will appear different from our screenshots as each domain registrar has their own user interface to work with.

  1. Add a new TXT record and 'Paste' the code from above

  2. 'Save DNS Settings'

Saved DNS zone

  1. Domain name with TXT type set

  2. Pinterest site verification record added

Now, return to the Pinterest browser window

Website URL to Verify

  1. Enter your website URL (include www )

  2. Click 'Verify'


  1. Your domain name should show here as being connected

  2. Click 'Done'

Promotion displayed

You may be presented with an option to convert to a free Pinterest business account (or other Pinterest promotional material at this point).

  1. Click 'Cancel' if you are not interested or

  2. Click 'Get started'

Claimed accounts

  1. Your website custom domain name will appear here

  2. 'Unclaim'

  3. 'Claim' another website

Reach us online at our live chat or via our email if you have any more questions. We’re happy to help!

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