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How to transfer a custom domain name away from Format
How to transfer a custom domain name away from Format

Moving a custom domain name that was managed by Format to another domain registrar or web hosting service

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Unlocking Domain and Transfer Authorization Code

If your custom domain name is managed by Format (either from new, or from previously transferring in) please contact one of our team via the in-app chat icon (lower right corner) or email and request the domain be unlocked and the Transfer Authorization Code be provided for transferring the custom domain away.

Please note that when transferring a custom domain, the new registrar or website hosting providers Nameservers and DNS Zone settings will be used and the connection to your Format site will be lost.

If you are transferring your domain name away, and are no longer wanting to continue with a subscription to a Format site, please advise our team as well, so they can provide you with the best options in regards to cancelling your subscription.

Transfer away status

A Transfer away confirmation email is sent to you as soon as OpenSRS (our domain registrar) receives a request to transfer your domain to another registrar.

It can take up to 14 days for a transfer to complete, we do not have any ability to fast-track this process.

Google Workspace provided by Format

If Format provided you with Google Workspace and mailbox services we would need to release this service when the custom domain name is transferred away.

Google would email you directly at your secondary contact email address with a link to continue the service directly with them.

Custom Email Hosting

If you had email hosting with another provider (Microsoft Outlook, Google, GoDaddy etc) that you were managing the subscription of separately, but had had DNS Zone Records added by our team to connect the email service, this information would not be transferred automatically to your new domain registrar or website hosting provider.

Our team can provide a screenshot of the DNS Records that are currently set PRIOR to transferring the custom domain name, but may not be able to help after the domain has been transferred (as we do not retain any history of the DNS Records).

Transferring Domains

The custom domain name only be transferred if:

  • The domain name is unlocked (Format team need to do this)

  • The client has the authorization (EPP) code (Format will provide you with this)

  • The domain name does not have any "hold" on it at the registrar or registry.

  • Domain needs to be present at Format (OpenSRS domain registrar) for more than 60 days since it was first registered or transferred.

Cancelling a Domain Transfer

If you have started to transfer a custom domain name to Format, but then decided you do not want to do this, please contact your current domain registrar immediately so they can cancel the transfer. We are not able to cancel this from Format's end.

Reach us online at our live chat or via our email if you have any more questions. We’re happy to help!

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