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How to synchronize favorited images in Lightroom®
How to synchronize favorited images in Lightroom®

Display images that have been favorited by your client(s) with a white ‘flag’ in Lightroom.

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How Clients can ‘favorite’ images

When your Client(s) are viewing their Client Gallery they are able to 'favorite' images with a 'star' icon

  1. Hovering an image thumbnail will display a hollow 'star' in the top-left corner (if you have enabled images to be favorited under the Settings area of this specific Client Gallery, see our Client Galleries specific Settings article

  2. Once favorited, the thumbnail will display with a solid white 'star' icon reversed out of a black square in the top-left corner

  3. 'View Favorites (x)' button

Synchronize between Lightroom® and Format

  1. In the Lightroom Publishing Manager select the Format Publisher plugin from the left-hand 'Publish Services' pane

  2. Tap 'Sync with Format'

  3. Set checkbox 'Use flags for favorited images' if using Client Galleries and your workflow doesn't already use the 'flags' for any other tasks. This is covered in more detail below in the section 'Synchronize 'Favorited' Images (Client Galleries)'

Update your list of Galleries or Client Galleries on Lightroom by tapping 'Sync with Format' every time you add or delete Galleries or Client Galleries on your Format site(s).

One-way synchronization

Syncing will not reverse-import images from Format pages to Lightroom Collection/s.

Synchronize ‘favorited’ images from Client Galleries

Navigate to the Lightroom > Library module and in the right-side tools panel open the 'Comments' pane.

  1. Under the Metadata fields there is a small circular icon with an arrow, hover to see tool-tip saying 'Refresh Comments' and Click this icon

  2. The top-left progress indicator will show 'Downloading Comments'

Image favorited indicated with a white ‘flag’ icon

  1. All favorited images will display with a white 'flag' icon in the top-left corner of the image thumbnail

  2. When an individual image is highlighted under the 'Comments' area it will display the number of comments

  3. The email address of the person who favorited the image and the name of the Client Gallery it was favorited from

You can 'Refresh Comments' at any time for any Published Client Gallery Page

In the screenshot above ^ the 'Refresh Comments' icon had been clicked a second time and updating shows another persons details.

  1. Image favorited and selected

  2. The Comments area shows how many have favorited from the Client Gallery

  3. The email addresses of those who favorited will be displayed here.

You can now filter or manage the favorited images within your Lightroom post-production workflow.

Disable favorite ‘flags’ from overriding your existing use of ‘flags’

If you are using 'Flags' in Lightroom specifically for your existing post-production workflow you may not want any 'Favorited' images to override what you have already set.

  1. In the Lightroom Publishing Manager select the Format Publisher plugin from the left-hand 'Publish Services' pane

  2. Uncheck the checkbox so 'User flags for favorited images' is disabled

You will be able to manually reconcile the images that your client has favorited by going to the Activity area of the Client Gallery. Please view our Checking your Client Gallery Activity and Client Galleries Activity download a CSV file articles.

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