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Activate Proofing

From your Dashboard, expand the left Sidebar and tap 'Proofing'.

Enable Proofing

Give your Proofing section a name (e.g. Clients or Proofing) and tap 'Enable Proofing' or Cancel.

Set Overall Proofing Settings

You can add your Proofing Settings before beginning. These settings affect ALL Proofing Projects. You can modify these settings at any time.

Proofing Settings – General

  • Title The title will appear in your site menu. Name it 'Proofing', 'Client Galleries', 'Clients' or similar.
  • Project Path This path will precede your proofing projects in your URL (address). What you enter here will be shown as a preview in the right-hand column.
  • Proofing Watermark Adjust your watermark settings if you'd like to add a watermark to images in Proofing galleries.

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