Use an Image Sets section on a Custom Page to create an image slideshow (carousel) to display your images and set the transition speed between them.

Tap any image to view at larger size.

In this article

  • Create a Custom Page
  • Select and add an Image Sets section
  • Add Images, set Speed

Create a Custom Page

If you haven't already used Custom Pages, please see our guide here or continue reading below.

Select and add an Image Sets section
  1. Add Section > Images scroll down
  2. Image Sets
  3. Select Slideshow with thumbnails underneath.

Add Images, set Speed

  1. Add Images (captions can be included)
  2. The transition speed can be set between 2 to 20 seconds
  3. Autoplay can be turned ON or OFF (default OFF)
  4. You can change the way your images are displayed at any time with the style dropdown (so you don't need to re-upload if you decide not to use the Slideshow option).
  5. Save Changes.

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