You can embed audio from SoundCloud or Spotify on a Custom Page.

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In this article
  • Create a Custom Page
  • Add a Media section
  • Add SoundCloud URL
  • Preview live site
  • Copy Spotify URI
  • Add Spotify URI
  • Preview live site

Create a Custom Page

If you haven't already used Custom Pages, please see our guide here or continue reading below.

Add a Media section

  1. Add Section > Media scroll down
  2. Audio
  3. Select Soundcloud or
  4. Spotify

Add SoundCloud URL

Find the tracks or albums on SoundCloud that you want to add and tap the 'Share' icon and Copy the full URL.
  1. Add SoundCloud Widget and Paste in full URL
  2. Tap 'Add SoundCloud URL'
  3. Save Changes

Preview live site

Previewing your live site will show the familiar SoundCloud album thumbnail and audio player controls.

Copy Spotify URI

Log into your Spotify account and find or prepare the Playlist you want to share.

Spotify app playlist preview window with Copy Spotify URI popup visible
  1. Locate the artist or playlist you want to share
  2. Tap the '…' (more option) icon
  3. Tap the 'Copy Spotify URI' link.

Add Spotify URI

Add Spotify Widget showing valid Spotify URI
  1. Add Section > Media > Audio > Spotify
  2. Past the Spotify URI
  3. Tap 'Add Spotify URL'
  4. 'Save Changes'

Preview Live Site

Preview live site with Spotify player visible

Preview the Live Site and play audio.

If you’re posting someone else’s music the artist may have chosen to require your visitor to log in (to Spotify) to listen.

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