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Supported Web Browsers

Check whether your devices, operating systems and web browser software is up-to-date.

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Format is a modern web service and requires modern web browser, in association with the most compatible hardware and operating systems.

Our developers are continually working on improving the performance of our services, this includes security patches and protocols, software and hardware updates and network delivery services.

Older hardware, operating systems (macOS or Windows OS) and web browsers may not allow all features within the Format app (Software as a Service) to function fully as the developers themselves are no longer supporting it with updates.

For Windows OS users please refer to the Microsoft Product Lifecycle Policy here.

Vintage and obsolete products

Vintage and obsolete products are unlikely to work correctly as the hardware and software is unlikely to meet the required security standards for the latest web browser versions to allow Format application and services to function in the way they were designed. Please refer to the Apple Support article here.

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