When sharing a link to your site on Facebook, the post can automatically include an image. The image displayed with your site is typically the image selected as your ‘Cover Image’ of your page link. It may be helpful to view our Cover Image guide for more details

This article will show you how to update the image displayed when sharing your site on Facebook.

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Steps to change your Facebook page link image

1. Check what it appears as in Facebook 0:22

2. Navigate to your Page Editor for the link you trying to show on Facebook 0:58

3. Navigate to Settings on the page you are linking 1:07

3. Press on Edit Cover Image 1:16

4. Choose new image from Import from Format Page or from Upload Images 1:31

5. Save Changes 2:10

6. Check to see if image has updated in Facebook 2:24

7. If not, go to Facebook Object Debugger 2:37

8. Type in URL of page you are linking 2:50

9. Press on show existing information 3:12

10. If image needs updating press on 'Fetch new information' you may have to do this more than once 3:33

11. Re-enter in reloaded Facebook page to test that new image is appearing 4:04

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