By setting each page's URL you can improve how the page is displayed in the viewers browser address bar.

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Set Page URL

A unique URL can be set for every page in your site.

Open your Page.

1. Tap 'Settings' link

1. Page Settings Editor.

2. The Gallery URL should be set to match your pages Title already, ensure it isn't empty (see more below).

3. Add your Description, it should be specific to the content of this page. It will only be shown in search engine results. It will not be visible on your site. Your description should be between 150-160 characters. Example: Teams cycled to the picturesque Lake Tekapo in the Mckenzie District of the South Island of New Zealand. Photos by John Doe (124 characters)

2. It is good to match the Title and URL for each page as the Page Title appears alongside the Site Title in the results displayed by the search engine and at the top of the browser window (or tab).

The URL is the unique address of your page and should all be lowercase with a hypen between each word.

Example: cycling-to-lake-tekapo

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