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Getting Started
Getting Started

Introduction articles and videos to give you an overview on how to set your Format portfolio site.

19 articles
Introducing PortfolioVideo showing an overview of how our Format Portfolio product works
Introducing Formats’ Portfolio ToolsVideo overview on how the Portfolio product works to create your new portfolio site
Portfolio site design tipsIn this video we discuss some of the biggest dos and don’ts when designing your portfolio website.
Selecting a theme based on professionWe discuss strategies for selecting the right theme for your Format site based on your profession.
Format Expert Site Building ServiceWhat to expect from this service, available Monday – Friday 9am–5pm EST.
The importance of an About Me pageWe discuss tips for writing a great bio for your portfolio site and how setting the right tone can help to support your work and your goals.
Introduction to the Design EditorVideo introduction to the Design area of the Portfolio Product showing how easy it is to select a theme and change design options quickly.
Introduction to Workflow: Studio Management and CRMVideo overview of our Workflow Product and how you can use to help manage your business
5 tips to improve your photography portfolio siteVideo guide with tips to help improve your photography website
Supported Web BrowsersCheck whether your devices, operating systems and web browser software is up-to-date.
Why we don’t offer telephone supportWe offer 24/7 online support with in-app chat messaging or with email at
Publishing your siteWhen you are ready to show the World, family and friends your new Format portfolio site!
Premium Features OverviewAll plans can now access Slideshows and Popup Messages or Mailing List features to customize your website and grow your business further.
Basic Bundle Plan OfferingOur Basic Bundle plan is our most cost-effective plan and may provide everything you need for your website.
Photography Business MasterclassProfessional six-part video series and resources to help Pro Plus Bundle members develop their photography business.
Tips & Tricks for Photography PortfoliosA review of Mark Clennon’s website built on the Kiln theme with helpful tips and tricks you can apply to your own site.
Strategies for Photography PortfoliosVideo with strategies for building a photography portfolio website.