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Custom Pages & Title Pages

Custom Pages allow the flexibility to add text, images, contact forms, maps, audio and videos.

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Custom Page overviewCustom Pages allow the flexibility to add text, images, contact forms, maps, audio and videos.
Creating a Comparison (Before & After) SliderCreative option for showing 'Before' & 'After' images, perfect for retouching or special treatment of images and to showcase your skills
Create a SlideshowThree Slideshow modules are available and can include Titles, Descriptions and Buttons with links. Available on Custom Pages for all plans.
Adding Image SetsCreate an image slideshow (carousel) with Image Sets or display in Square, Masonry,, Vertical, Grid or Horizontal layouts
Adding Link SetsLink Sets are clickable thumbnails that link to other pages, websites or even to open an email application to send a message.
Adding full-bleed imagesDisplay images at full-bleed (left and right edges) on Custom Pages with this Image section.
Changing fonts, sizes and colors on Custom PagesHave more control over the typeface, sizes and colors on Custom Pages in the Design > Typography > Advanced > Custom Pages panel
How to directly upload Hosted Video from your own devicesPro and Pro Plus members can upload video direct from their devices to Custom Pages
Adding video from Vimeo or YouTube to Custom PagesAdd video to your Custom Page that has already been uploaded and published on either Vimeo or YouTube.
Adding a YouTube Shorts video clipAdding a YouTube Shorts video needs a different URL from what you will find normally in the browser address bar
Using Hosted Video to add Audio Files to your PortfolioVideo on how to prepare an audio file to upload instead of using Soundcloud or Spotify audio
Adding an Instagram feedShow your Instagram feed and images on a Custom Page and how to re-connect a disconnected Instagram account or remove.
Using a Custom Page to create a Collection-style pageDetailed video showing the flexibility of using a Custom Page to link to other content with images and text
Creating a Contact Page with a Contact FormUse a pre-built Contact Message Form so viewers can get in touch with you easily.
How to create text (hypertext) links in a Custom PageText Links can be set the same way on ANY pages within your Format website. This guide shows how-to on a Custom Page.
How to create an email address text (hypertext) linkYou can set any text as a link to an email address which, can be clicked, will open an email application on your device.
Justify text in Custom PagesShort video showing how to select and change text justification
How to add SoundCloud or Spotify audio to a Custom PageEmbed audio from SoundCloud or Spotify on a Custom Page
Adding Google MapsAdd a Google Map to a Custom Page to help viewers locate you.
Adding HTML embedsHTML editing is possible on Pro or Pro Plus level plans.
Add Calendly HTML embed codeVideo shows adding Calendly widget embed code to a Custom Page. Requires a account and Pro or Pro Plus plan
Internal anchors with HTMLAdvanced coding technique for those familiar with coding. Only works on Custom Pages with HTML Text Blocks