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Workflow Supported File TypesWe are able to accept a large range of file types to be added to Portfolio, Workflow and Storage areas:
Creating Client GalleriesClient Galleries allow you to share images with your clients easily. Available on all plans.
How to use the Format Publisher Lightroom® plugin with Client GalleriesDetailed guide on the best way to use the Lightroom plugin for publishing to Client Galleries.
How to synchronize favorited images in Lightroom®Display images that have been favorited by your client(s) with a white ‘flag’ in Lightroom.
Client Galleries design optionsAll your Client Galleries will be affected by changes you make to these styles
Adding Captions to Client Gallery images and how they are seenVideo showing how to set Captions to the image thumbnails of your Client Gallery images and how they appear when viewing.
Change image orderThe order images appear for your clients to view is totally flexible.
How to adjust Client Gallery Visibility (and password), Favoriting, Downloading and Notification settingsThese Settings are specific for every Client Gallery. Options include page visibility, favoriting, downloading and email notifications.
Deleting Client GalleriesThere are many ways to delete Client Galleries when you no longer need them.
Watermark EditorCreate a Watermark for your Client Gallery images to discourage unauthorized copying and sharing.
Client Gallery Login ScreenDisplay a favorite Cover Image for your clients to see first when accessing their client gallery
Sharing a Client GalleryEasily share a Client Gallery with your clients with a pre-formatted email template
Downloading images from a Client Gallery on a mobile deviceHow to download images from a Client Gallery directly to your phone or tablet
Checking your Client Gallery ActivityCovering the Activity area.
Client Galleries Activity download CSV fileDownload a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file showing which images have been favorited or downloaded and by whom.