Pages created are automatically set to 'Online'. You have the option for them to be Online, Private and Offline.

The screenshots in this article cover 'Collections' but are the same for 'Gallery Pages' and 'Custom Pages'.

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In this article
  • Page visibility – video instructions
  • Page visibility
  • Online
  • Private
  • Offline
  • Add to Site Menu
  • Site Password to protect your whole Format Site

Page visibility – video instructions

  1. Press Page visibility dropdown 0:35
  2. View visibility options 0:41
  3. Change to Private 0:47
  4. Change to Offline 0:59

Page visibility created will not appear in your Site Menu.

The 'Visibility' will be shown as 'Online'. There are three visibility 'states' possible: Online, Private and Offline.

Tap to activate dropdown and change.


Page Visibility set to Online so the page is live and accessible to anyone

Online: (default) this page will be live and accessible to anyone.


Page Visibility set to be private and requires a password to access

Private: this page will be accessible only to those with the password.

Select and enter password (always shown here).

If visibility is set to Private this will remove the page from being indexed by the search engine crawlers so may affect your SEO performance.


Page Visibility set to offline makes the page inaccessible and visible only to you

Offline: this page will be inaccessible and visible only to you.

Changing the visibility to Offline will remove this page from your site menu. It will not be indexed for SEO.

Add to Site Menu

To make your page easy to find you will want to add to your Site Menu.

Follow our Site Menu Editor guide.

Site Password to protect your whole Format Site

It is possible to set a site-wide password that, once entered will allow your invited visitors to see your site without having to re-enter the password.

Please see our Setting a site-wide password guide.

Reach us online at our live chat or via our email if you have any more questions. We’re happy to help!