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Advanced font style options
Advanced font style options

Customize the typographic style of all the text on your site.

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You can override your website's Key Text Styles in the BASIC panel to customize each type of text on your site with the ADVANCED panel.

Video overview

Advanced Panel: Overview of all Text Styles

  1. Click to activate the ADVANCED panel

  2. Click 'View All' to edit all options, this can include Colors so you can edit all related settings at once

All editable Text Styles are grouped in sections:

  • Site Menu: navigation links

  • Heading Text: used for header Text Elements and all other headings

  • Body Text: text used throughout your site

  • Text Links: make your links noticeable by styling them differently

  • Footer: usually at the bottom of your site or site menu

  • Gallery Pages: for captions, text elements and navigation arrows

  • Collection Pages: styling the page links

  • Blog: can be styled differently from all other site content.

The Text Logo is styled separately. See our guide for Website title and logo.

What does a particular setting change?

Many of the setting options have a tool-tip that can be activated by hovering the '?'.

Changing Fonts

  1. Click the font name to activate the dropdown

  2. Scroll and tap to select

  3. Click to browse the full Font Library

Select from Font Library

  1. Narrow down search for fonts by name or

  2. Narrow down available selection by font style or

  3. Scroll through available fonts

Changing Size and Style

  1. Use the slider or enter a value directly to change the font size

  2. Some panels allow you to set 'B', 'I' or 'U'

Preview Changes

Desktop, Mobile (above) and Fullscreen Preview options are available.

Fonts from external sources

We are unable to include licensed fonts or use Google Fonts or Adobe® Fonts with your site as these would have to be hard-coded and require knowledge of HTML and CSS.

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