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How to change your Site Contact Email address
How to change your Site Contact Email address

You can have email from the Contact Form templates, Store or Client Galleries messages use a different email address from your Login Email

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Change your Site Contact Email

  1. From the left sidebar click 'Settings'

  2. Click 'Site'

  3. Scroll down

  4. Site Contact Email change if you do not want messaging to go to same email address as your Format account log in email address

  5. Sender Name is what appears, it can be your full name or business name

  6. Remove Email Logo, you may be seeing a logo you are unfamiliar with, this is likely to relate to the theme example content and it will appear on any Client Gallery, File Transfer or Storage email messages. Remove if you only have a text logo or

  7. Click 'Change Email Logo' and upload your own graphic that will be used for email from your site. For best results, use a logo that will show up against a white background that is at least 200px wide

  8. 'Save Changes'

It is only possible to have one Site Contact Email address added.

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