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Using Link Sets for Store Categories
Using Link Sets for Store Categories

Creative use of Custom Pages with Link Sets to make Categories for Products in your Store

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0:00 My name is Stanzie and I'm a Format expert. Today I'm going to show you how you can create categories for your Store by using Link Sets on the Custom Page.

0:09 You'll see that I've created several store items (Products) on my store page. Now I want to create a separate page with different category sections that will link back to my store products.

0:19 To do this, go to pages, then create a Custom page. Give your custom page a title. I'm going to call mine.

0:34 I'm going to start from scratch because I want to create my own layout. And then from here, I have the option to add text images, media forms and dividers.

0:44 For my custom page layout, I'm going to add in headings so that I can add in titles for the different sections on my shop page.

0:54 And then if I go to add section and under images. I'm going to go down to links sets. And select a link set so that I can create links to my different store items.

1:07 First, I'm going to set a title for the section that I want to create in my shop page. I'm going to call this first section.

1:14 I can go to Terra. Then if I go down here on the link set, I'll press add link and then add image.

1:25 And I'm going to grab an image that I want to represent my first store page. Item. This should really reflect the same image as you would for the product in the store.

1:41 I'm going to add the title. This again should reflect the product title. And then I'm going to create a link to that product.

1:51 To do this, I want to open my store on my live site and open that specific product. So Chincare one.

2:00 Then I'm going to grab the link for the live product. Copy that link and then go link to website. And I'm going to add that link to that product in as an external page and create.

2:24 And that will create the link to my different product. I'll repeat this process again. So go add link. Add image.

2:39 Grab the image that represents my product at the title. And then again, go to my store page. Select the product in question.

2:57 Copy the title at the top. And then add the image that I can also play around with the styling by clicking on the drop down menu here.

3:11 And I can select between square thumbnails, landscape, masonry or grid. I'm going to keep mine on landscape and save those changes.

3:33 And then I will add in under images. Go down to the bottom and add in my link set. And this will start my next section.

3:46 If I preview that page now. You'll see that my shop has different sections for my various products. Of the headers, the orientation of the text and more.

4:05 There's tons of customization options on a custom page. If I go into the pages section. I now want to add my shop page to my live to my to my site menu.

4:20 So I will go to the more options tab. Add to menu. So you'll see that my shop page is now reflected in my site menu.

4:31 And then I can also remove the store page from my menu. This way, when someone visits my live site, they'll see the shop page instead of the (default) Store page.

4:48 And they'll see my different sections leading or the different categories leading to my various products on my store. I hope this has been helpful.

4:57 If you have any questions about formatting your custom page, then you'll see the shop page. The Store or anything else, please press the chat icon here.

5:08 And start a new conversation and our 24/7 support desk would be happy to help you. Thank you so much and have a wonderful day.

Removing 'Back to Store' link

If you create a Custom Page and use Link Sets you will not want the 'Back to Store' link to appear on the Product Details page

  1. Back to Store link as it appears

  1. Tap 'Design'

  2. Tap 'Themes'

  3. Tap 'Advanced'

  4. Scroll down to Store > 'Show Back to Store Link' and disable

  1. Go to each Product Description field

  2. Manually add (copy and paste) a snippet of text like '< Back to Store' that can have a link added.

  3. Tap 'Link' icon that appears when text to link is selected

  1. Select 'Page'

  2. Tap 'Choose a page' dropdown

  3. Select the Page Title that you are using for your Store with Custom Pages and Link Sets

View Live Product

  1. How the '< Back to Store' link will appear on your live site.

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