Title Pages act as cover or splash pages for your Format site.

They can be set as the Homepage (landing page) or used within your site to separate content in creative ways.

Tap any image to view at larger size.

In this article
  • Create a Title Page – video instructions
  • Create a Title Page
  • Add Images and Text
  • Edit Links
  • Save changes
  • Add to Site Menu

Create a Title Page – video instructions

  1. Create Page 0:12
  2. Select template 0:29
  3. Replace and adjust images 0:44
  4. Replace and adjust text 1:31
  5. Hyperlink text 1:55
  6. Preview Site 2:23
  7. Save 2:39
Note: To make this your first page of your site please take a look at our article on how to set your Home Page.
Note: Design changes to Title Pages are typically restricted to adjusting Headlines with n the Design Editor Typography and Color Area.

Create a Title Page
From your Dashboard, expand the left Sidebar and tap 'Pages'.

Tap 'Create Page' > select 'Custom Page'

Enter a name for your Title Page.

Select a 'Title Page' template.

Once a template is selected, switching templates will delete and reset any content added.

Edit Images and Text

You can edit the image/s and text of your Title Page template.

  1. Tap the image to select. From the mini-toolbar menu that appears above, select 'Replace Background/Image'
  2. Upload the image/s from your computer or a Dropbox folder or import images from another Format page on your site.
  3. Click the text to start editing. Selecting text will bring up formatting options. Font changes are made in the Design interface. Changes can be made by editing Headlines, Text or Links under General, depending on the Title Page template chosen.

Edit Links
Link your Title page to an existing page in your Format site, external website or an email address.

  1. Select text.
  2. Tap the 'link' icon and select desired Format page, external website or email address.

Save changes

Any changes you make within the Page Editor will not be applied until you tap 'Save Changes' in the top-right corner.

Add to Site Menu

Your Title Page needs to be added to the Site Menu.

  1. Directly after saving the first time you will be presented with dialogue asking if you want to 'Add to Site Menu'
  2. You can also tap 'Not in Menu' at any time to add.

Follow our Site Menu Editor article.

Tap the Preview 'eye icon' to see the finished page.

Reach us online at our live chat or via our email if you have any more questions. We’re happy to help!