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Collect telephone number when order placed
Collect telephone number when order placed

PayPal allows a telephone number to be included in the Store order checkout process but this is not automatically enabled in PayPal

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PayPal Business Account Settings

  1. In your PayPal Business Account click your name in the top-right corner to access the dropdown options

  2. Click 'Account Settings'

  3. From the left sidebar under PRODUCTS & SERVICES click 'Website payments'

  4. To the right of 'Website preferences' click the 'Update' text link

Contact telephone numer

  1. Scroll down

  2. To the Contact telephone number area

  3. Click to 'On' as an optional field

  4. Click 'On' as a required field (this is not recommended as it may result in the customer not completing the transaction)

  5. 'Off' is the default setting and what PayPal recommends

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