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If your email hosting is provided by Microsoft and you may need to configure your email Settings to ensure messages are received

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Our Contact Form, Format Store and Workflow features (including Client Galleries, Contracts and File Transfers) allow email messages to be sent to you and your clients.

We have found that some messages are processed and delivered as far as your email hosting service provider, but may not be delivered the final step, between their email server and your (or your clients) email application.

They may have flagged some of our messages as 'junk' so you need to add our domain and the email address to your 'Safe senders and domain' area.

This guide will show you how.

Log into your Microsoft account through a web browser

  1. Enter your email address, mobile phone number of Skype username

  2. Click 'Next'

  3. Sign-in options, these may differ depending on what you have set up to allow you to access

Locate and Open

Your Microsoft account may look different to the screenshot above but if you are using Outlook for your email hosting, you should find an option to Open

  1. It may require scrolling down

  2. Look for 'Outlook' and the Outlook application image

  3. Click 'Open'

Set Safe senders and domains

  1. With open in your web browser you will see all your email appear

  2. Click the 'Settings' (gear icon) in the top-right corner

  3. Click 'Mail' from the left sidebar

  4. Click 'Junk email' you should see Safe senders and domains

  5. Click '+ Add'

  6. Add and

  7. Click 'Save'

  1. You may receive a confirmation similar to the screenshot above.

Still not receiving messages

If you have made this change, and you are still not receiving emails, please contact our team so they can investigate further with our email sending service provider, but, once the message has been delivered as far as your email hosting server, we have no further control or ability to send the last step.

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