How to set up Google Workspace mailbox

Add custom email by Google Workspace to your Format Account, this includes Google Drive and other Google Workspace Business Starter services

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Our custom email service is dependent on having a connected Format Domain.

Please view our help article on registering (US$20 per year) a Format Domain here or transfer your domain to Format (must end .com , .net, .org, .ca, .xyz or .me ).

The Google Workspace service that Format is able to provide is their Google Workspace Business Starter plan which allows 1 user and 30GB of storage and is subject to changes (that Google may make at any time).

You can find more information on what is available and included with the Google Workspace Business Starter plan here.

If you require more users (email accounts) for you or your team then you would need to subscribe to a Google Workspace plan directly with Google. Or, if you were needing to upgrade your Format provided Google Workspace Business Starter plan, please ask one of our team as we will need to transfer the subscription to Google and you would continue to subscribe to the upgraded service directly with Google (not Format).

How to add Custom Email to your Format account 

  • Purchase for US$72 per year for all plans

How to purchase your Domain

To register and set your custom domain, start by going to 'Settings' in your left sidebar and click the 'Domain & Email' tab. 

If you already have a domain name registered and connected from an external domain registrar it is not possible to have Google Workspace, or if you already have a Google Workspace account directly with Google or another reseller.

Once you have a connected Format Domain, you will see the option to add custom email underneath your domain connection on this page. 

  • Click 'Add Custom Email' 

Once you've pressed 'Add Format Mailbox' a mailbox registration window will appear. 

  • Under the heading 'Email' add the prefix name you would like for your email address. The suffix of your email will be 

Once you've added this information you will be able to complete the purchase of your custom email. 

  • Press 'Complete Purchase'  at the bottom of the summary. 

If you receive any warning you may need to update your payment information. Go to your Settings > Subscription area. 

Press 'Continue' on the purchase confirmation page. :

Your purchase will be visible in your Settings > Subscription area under Billing History . You will be sent a receipt to your Format Email and can resend the receipt from this area. 

It will look like this: 

How to setup your custom email 

Once your purchase is complete you still need to setup the email account. 

Under Domain Settings, you will see at first a 'Pending Verification' state under your 'Status' heading. This should take a minute to connect. 

  • Refresh your screen to update, and wait until connection to move to the next step.  

  • Once this page is connected you can proceed to press 'Set Up Mailbox' below the Status Heading. 

It will take you through these steps : 

  • Click the 'Setup Mailbox' button

  • Log out of all your existing Google Accounts

  • Add a new Google Account using your credentials you just created 

  • Agree to Google's Terms of Service 

  • Return to this screen and refresh the page 

Accept Google Terms of Service

This window will appear after signing in with the correct credentials that you had just set up. The window will look like this. 

  • At the bottom press 'Accept Terms of Service

After accepting Google's Terms of Service it will launch you into Google Workspace. 

  • Press 'Accept Terms of Service' on the Google Workspace window as well. 

As a final step return to the Settings > Domain page and refresh to confirm that your custom email has been setup. 

Accessing your custom email 

To access your custom email: 

  • Go to your Settings > Domain tab

  • Under Custom Email press 'Open Custom Email' to launch your email 

  • Sign in with your credentials setup during purchase. 

You can also sign in directly to your new Google Workspace account through your web browser, or add the account to the email application on any/all of your devices.

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